Our landscaping is complete! Special thanks to Stephen W. Hackney Landscape Architecture for designing this plan for our school. Volunteer Lawn has been great to work with and we are thankful they are maintaining the watering bags through September. Brandon Bruce, Committee Chair of Landscaping, and Principal Brandon Pratt were driving forces behind this plan being approved by Knox County Schools.

Last but not least, a special thanks to our VP of Fundraising, Jenny Wilkes, and her helpers, Jenny Pierce and Kristin Ricioutto. LOTS of work went into acquiring PTA sponsorships and planning our main fundraiser Knight at the Barn this year, which made this project possible. Great job everyone!!!

Alicia Shafe
NES PTA President

Want to know more…. Here are some facts for you:
There are 52 trees, 103 shrubs, and 23 yards of mulch involved in this project! Not to mention COUNTLESS hours from many in our PTA family.