Our Mission as the NES PTA

Mission Statement: The overall purpose of Northshore Elementary Parent Teacher Association is to make every child’s potential a reality by engaging and empowering families and communities to advocate for all children.

What does that really mean? We work together with faculty, staff, families, and the community to create the best learning environment for all of our students.

What is the PTA?!

We are parents, family and community members passionate about our childrens’ education. Simply, we choose to support and advocate for our children. We encourage everyone to play an active role in the education and success of their child!

We are an inclusive and informal group that meets monthly for planning, organizing, and committee reports. We also meet informally in smaller groups (aka committees). This is where the real work takes place! Have a little ones at home? Bring them along – we have quiet activities in the PTA room to help keep them occupied.

Simply put- we are friends getting together to make a difference!

Our Goals as the NES PTA

One of our major goals last year was to purchase a sign for the school. As you have noticed, we accomplished that goal! The sign not only designates our school, but also helps communicate current and upcoming news and events.

This year, one of our major goals will be continued beautification of the school grounds and upkeep of the playgrounds. Did you know that the playground was purchased by the PTA and we are responsible for the upkeep? Thankfully with several fundraisers and volunteer hours, we are able to do this successfully and will continue to build our playground and landscaping around the school.

As the school year gets underway, we will meet to establish specific beautification projects as well as other goals for the school year. Have some great ideas and want to be a part of this process? Become a member and get involved!